Simplify your domain name operations

Personalise your services

Display your own DNS servers

The DNS servers of your domains are published with your name in the Whois databases. Find out more

Decentralise the management of your domains

For each domain, you can select the owner, manager, technician and accountant. Decentralised management helps you in your daily tasks. It allows your clients to manage their own emails themselves. Find out more

Save time

Manage your domain portfolio

You have a clear and personalised interface which optimises the management of your domain portfolio.

One click ordering from your Manager!

Simply add points to your prepaid account and place your order! The system is completely automated. You no longer need to pay each time you register a domain. With each order placed at OVH, you get a number of loyalty points which, when combined, allow you to order new services for free!
This service is accessible from your Control Panel

Automate tasks

Thanks to the OVH API, you can increase productivity by:

  • automating purchases, renewals and transfers of domain names
  • buying and configuring your products without connecting to the management interface
  • creating your own management interface via bits of code, developed by OVH that can be inserted into your programme.
  • creating your own account. You can set the alert parameters and receive an email when you need to top-up your account or retrieve the history of your bills or your list of services or change the service contacts. It can be all automated!