Developers and resellers, SOAPI was made for you!

Now you can buy and configure your OVH products without connecting to the management interface. Simply create your own management interface from the available code already developed by OVH.

Simplify your operations

Thanks to SOAPI, you can:

Automate purchases, renewals and transfers of domain names.

Buy and configure your products without connecting to the management interface.

Create your account. You define the alert threshold and receive and emails to replenish it, you retrieve the billing history, your list of services, or change the service contacts.

Develop your scripts:

With WSDL and SOAP technology, you can use the OVH system remotely. Simply insert a few lines of code into your favourite programming language. You can develop your scripts easily and quickly thanks to the code generator documentation.

Enjoy enhanced compatibility

SOAPI is compatible with all programming languages and also with the following libraries:

Python: SOAPpy
C, C++: gSOAP and Axis2
C#: .Net Framework
Ruby: SOAP::WSDLDriver

Create your own management interface

With SOAPI, create your own management interface for OVH products. Build your interface containing the code already developed and tested by OVH. You can customise your management interface with the specific product functions that OVH offers you.

Example Script

This PHP5 example enables creation of a domain name via the points system (loyalty / reseller scheme).

try {
    $soap = new SoapClient("/soapi/soapi-re-1.XX.wsdl");

    $session = $soap->login("xxxxxx-ovh", "******", "fr", false);
    echo "login successfull\n";

    $soap->resellerDomainCreate($session, "", "xxlplan", "gold", "none", "yes", "XXXXXX-OVH", "XXXXXX-OVH", "XXXXXX-OVH", "XXXXXX-OVH", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", false);
    echo "resellerDomainCreate successfull\n";

    echo "logout successfull\n";

} catch(SoapFault $fault) {
    echo $fault;

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