Dedicated Exchange

The professional collaborative, flexible, multi-platform, customised email solution, hosted on a dedicated infrastructure.

  • Up to 50GB of storage per account
  • More than 40 features
  • Outlook and OWA webmail
  • Anti-virus/Anti-spam
  • Private SSL certificate
  • Sliding-scale and competitive pricing
  • Dedicated Infrastructure

2.49 ex. VAT

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Standard Exchange Accounts licence Included
Outlook Web Access (OWA)
New applications Included
Improved collaborative features Included
OWA optimised for touch screen Included
View old emails offline Included
Smart search technology Included
Anti-spam Included
Anti-virus Included
Daily backup Included
MAPI Included
Personal work
Personal files Included
List of addresses Included
Personal calendar Included
Personal tasks Included
Global list of addresses Included
Collaborative work
Multiple domains Included
Shared files -
Shared list of addresses Included
Shared contacts Included
Shared tasks Included
Shared calendar Included
Group planning Included
‘Anywhere Anytime’ access
Mobile notification Included
Mobile navigation Included
Mobile synchronisation (ActiveSync) Included
Android compatible
(2.2.2 and higher)
iOS compatible
(iOS 4.0 and higher)
Windows Phone compatible (7, 8) Included
Blackberry compatible (OS 10) Included
Control Panel
Account management Included
Diagnostics/statistics Included
Names/alias management Included
Account delegation Included
Group management Included
Mailing list Included
Resource accounts Included
Disclaimer Included
Outlook licence order facility Included
Manage external contacts Included
Password complexity Included
Account lockout duration Included
Account lockout threshold Included
Group max. size outgoing Included
Group max. size incoming Included
.PST export Included
Import .PST via the Control Panel Coming soon


Email accounts
Standard 50 GB account
1 000 from 2 000 4.29 ex. VAT/month
2 001 from 5 000 3.99 ex. VAT/month
5 001 from 15 000 3.79 ex. VAT/month
15 001 from 30 000 3.39 ex. VAT/month
30 001 from 50 000 3.39 ex. VAT/month
50 001 from 100 000 3.19 ex. VAT/month
100 001 from 1 000 000 2.99 ex. VAT/month
5GB standard account
1 000 from 2 000 3.29 ex. VAT/month
2 001 from 5 000 2.99 ex. VAT/month
5 001 from 15 000 2.89 ex. VAT/month
15 001 from 30 000 2.79 ex. VAT/month
30 001 from 50 000 2.69 ex. VAT/month
50 001 from 100 000 2.59 ex. VAT/month
100 001 from 1 000 000 2.49 ex. VAT/month
Number of accounts Unlimited
Exchange licence Standard

Security and availability

High security Included
High availability Included
Availability %
SSL Included

Services included

5GB to 50GB inbox per account Included
Anti-virus Included
Anti-spam Included
Control Panel Included
Maintenance ensured by OVH Included
Commercial and technical support Included

Maximum size of outgoing emails

ActiveSync 10 MB

Outlook Webmail

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Control Panel

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