Exchange 2016 FAQ

The advantages of Exchange 2016

What are the main differences between Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, and Exchange 2016?

The Hosted Exchange 2016 solution offers a wider range of features, especially for collaborative use. The storage capacity is set at 50GB per account.

You finally have a brand new order and configuration system, as well as a new control panel. They are now clearer, easier and faster to use.

Aside from its applications, what new features does Exchange 2016 offer?

On top of a technically improved infrastructure, Exchange 2016 offers new features on its range of applications:
  • Collaboration: Integration with SharePoint, OWA Web apps: Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
  • Smarter inbox: Search suggestions, Fault-tolerant search.
  • The OWA (Outlook Web App) interface has been optimised for touch screens
  • The new offline mode allows old emails to be viewed without being connected to the internet

What are the advantages of the Private offer in comparison to the Hosted offer?

Hosted Private
Server Web hosting Private
IP Web hosting Dedicated
Resource Web hosting Dedicated
SSL Certificate Web hosting Customised

Why has OVH chosen Microsoft Exchange?


Can I migrate from the Exchange 2010 solution to Exchange 2016?

Currently, you cannot migrate automatically from the 2010 solution to the 2016 version. To get Exchange 2016, you will need to migrate your accounts manually after you have ordered the solution.

You can use our OMM tool to migrate your data

Can I upgrade from the Hosted Exchange 2013 solution to Hosted Exchange 2016?

You can migrate from version 2013 to version 2016 from your control panel via the migration button. The migration is free and will not cause service interruption.

Do I have to have an OVH-registered domain name to subscribe to an Exchange offer?

No, you can use any domain name that you own.

What are the service commitment periods?

There are no commitment periods on the Exchange services unless you choose to prepay one year in advance.

The Exchange solution is renewed automatically, so you if you are looking to cancel your solution, you will need to do so before the renewal date.

You can cancel at any time and the suspension will take effect on the anniversary date.

How does the new monthly billing system work for the Private Exchange solution?

Invoices are generated monthly, on the anniversary of the date that the organisation was created, for the services and accounts depending on it.

If you configure a new account in an existing service, the cost will be added to your monthly bill.

If you have chosen to pre-pay for your services, the pre-payment will be used to pay for any new accounts you configure.

How is service renewal managed?

The service is automatically renewed every month on the anniversary of your service activation. The payment is automatically taken from the customer's card or PayPal used when you signed up for the service.

Payment is automatically taken from the card or bank account which is registered in your control panel or failing this from the OVH account.

How is billing managed if I create and configure an account in an existing service?

Invoices are generated on the anniversary of the date that the organisation was created, for the services and accounts depending on it.

If you add an account to an existing service, you will be debited for the full monthly amount, corresponding to the maximum number of accounts configured during the month.

If you have chosen pre-paid services, your pre-payment will be used for the new accounts configured.

Is the Hosted Exchange 2016 solution refundable in the event of a service disruption over the course of the year?

No, the Hosted Exchange 2016 solution is non-refundable in the event of a service disruption over the course of the year.

However, you are free to assign new emails to your active accounts.

Is the Private Exchange 2016 solution refundable in the event of a service disruption over the course of the year?

No, the Private Exchange 2016 solution is non-refundable in the event of a service disruption over the course of the year.

Where is my Hosted Exchange 2016 solution physically hosted?

All of your data is hosted in our datacentres in France.


How do you transfer/copy an Exchange 2010/2013 account to a new account?

Whether you are using a service with OVH or one you have ordered elsewhere, you can transfer an Exchange 2010, 2013, Gmail, Yahoo, or IMAP account to another Exchange 2016 account hosted by OVH.

You can therefore migrate your accounts easily and for free, particularly when you move your Exchange account to OVH.

Discover our

View our tool OVH Mail Migrator.

What happens after the order has been placed?

A confirmation email is sent out. The service is created in the Control Panel, where you configure your accounts.

How can I add an account?

In the Control Panel, you can add, delete or modify the accounts on your various Exchange services.

You first have to select the service in the left-hand column, then click on the “Exchange Account” tab, then the “Add” button.

How can I get information on my accounts?

In the Control Panel, select your service in the left-hand column and click on the “Exchange Account” tab. A list of all accounts with all the main info is then displayed by account:
  • Email Address
  • Amount of space available/in use
  • Number of aliases
  • Status
  • Outlook license

How can I configure an account?

From the “Exchange Accounts” tab in the Control Panel, you can select an account and click the “Configure” button.

Various configuration actions can be made from there, such as changing email address, adding an Outlook licence or changing account type.

How do I add a domain to my service?

In the Control Panel, after selecting the service in the left-hand column, click on the domain tab, then the “Add a domain” button.

As a result, you can use a domain from those managed by OVH, and you can enter a free domain name.

How do I retrieve my old emails after subscribing to the service?

You can retrieve your previous mails via PST import. You just need to create a .pst file (from Outlook, for example) from your previous account, then import it into your messaging client configured with your new account.

You can still use our OMM interface to migrate your data.

Will OVH modify the MX records after signing up to Exchange?

No, your MX records are not automatically modified. It has to be done from your control panel.

However you can modify MX records automatically when adding a domain to an Exchange service.

How many email accounts can be added per domain on the Hosted Exchange 2016 solution?

You can add 20,000 email accounts per domain name on the Hosted Exchange solution. If you need more than this, you can add more email accounts per domain name with the Dedicated Exchange solution, which is available from 1,000 accounts.

What are the limits of the Hosted Exchange 2016 solution in terms of sending emails, the maximum number of recipients that can be put on copy, and the size of attachments?

There is no limit on the number of emails that can be sent. A maximum number of 200 recipients can be put on copy, and attachments are limited to a size of 100MB (in SMTP only).

Can the Exchange server's Active Directory be used?

No, this feature is not currently available.

How often do you back up data?

With Hosted Exchange solutions, the data is automatically backed up every hour. With Private Exchange solutions, the data is automatically backed up once per day.

Is retention of mails, calendars and accounts available?

A backup of your emails, calendars and contacts is available for a 15-day retention period. The retention period for accounts is 30 days.

Can I request that OVH creates and configures my accounts?

OVH will not automatically configure your Exchange platform. You can contact one of our advisors on (020) 7357 6616 for help with your configuration.

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