The 25-05-2018

Ready, set, GDPR! (Part 1: Domain names)

As the deadline approaches for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) implementation,

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The 14-05-2018

vRack 3.0: the OVH private network, intensively redesigned to continue anticipating IT project requirements

As a cloud services provider operating its own datacentres and network, OVH has a privileged position when it comes to observing and anticipating usage in terms of traffic.

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The 30-01-2018

“The challenges of the cloud, as the hidden face of digital services, should be made known to European citizens.”

The cloud is the foundation used by the businesses of the new economy to offer their services. In the last few years, it has brought about a lot of innovative breakthroughs, but still remains the hidden face of the digital revolution, overlooked by the general public. And yet it presents some important issues, particularly in terms of protecting and processing personal data. Xavier Perret explains...

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The 16-03-2017

OVH at the London 2018 Cloud Expo

It’s been a busy year for OVH since the 2017 Cloud Expo in Paris, especially with the launch of

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The 18-/2-15/0

OVH wishes you all the best for 2018, and presents its ambitions for this year

Can you still accelerate when you already think you’re going full-speed ahead? The answer is yes. In 2017, OVH had a lot of news to share. Our teams were able to learn from both the successes and challenges we experienced, so that we could strengthen the building blocks for our cloud solutions to infinity (internationally) and beyond (because innovation never stops). We’ve compiled a non-exhaustive...

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