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Roubaix, 19th October 2017

OVH launches Acceleration-as-a-Service Leveraging the New Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card and App Store from FPGA Acceleration Partner Accelize 

Today OVH, the global, hyperscale cloud provider, announces FPGA-based Acceleration-as-a-Service, based on the Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card (Intel PAC) with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA, and in partnership with Accelize.® The QuickStore® Marketplace offers customers a choice of ready-to-use, optimised software which integrates seamlessly with the Intel FPGA-based acceleration platform....

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Roubaix the 23rd of February

OVH Global Expansion Continues with New US Datacentre

OVH, a global leader in cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), today announced acquisition of a new datacentre facility in the US. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, this facility joins Vint Hill, Virginia as the second US datacentre, with a third North American datacentre located in Canada. These installations will allow OVH to support its more than one million customers’ needs for global presence and respond to the growing demand for outsourced...

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Roubaix, the 23rd of December 2016

OVH to open its first UK datacentre

OVH, the European cloud leader, has chosen the inner suburbs of London as the location for its first of three datacenters planned for the United Kingdom. This first datacenter, with a capacity of 40,000 servers is expected to be operational by the end of May 2017. The first of the three datacenters planned in the United Kingdom will be interconnected to OVH’s point of presence in London through a double fibre path, creating redundancy....

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Roubaix, the 11th of October 2016

Warsaw, Singapore, and Sydney, OVH Opens 3 New Datacentres to Respond to the Growing Demand for Cloud Infrastructures

Under the code names WaW, SNG, and SYD, the cloud leader is opening 3 datacentres in Poland, Australia and Singapore, corresponding to the first wave of new datacentres announced at Summit 2015. These installations permit OVH to support its customers in their global expansion and respond to the growing demand for outsourced digital infrastructures throughout the world....

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Montreal, August 29, 2016

VMworld 2016 US: OVH at the forefront of hybrid cloud and hyper-convergence

The OVH team is looking forward to meeting you at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center for the VMworld 2016 US in Las Vegas, from August 28 to September 1, to discuss the technologies of tomorrow (hybrid cloud, hyper-convergence…) and provide an update on its upcoming plans. Indeed, as the third largest cloud provider in the World, OVH is preparing its expansion to North America....

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Roubaix, the 22nd of Septembre 2016

OVH “Virtual Cloud Desktop”—a virtual desktop solution which simplifies mobile working

Launched at the end of September, the virtual desktop offer by OVH allows users to access their personal desktops from any device. Available in 4 versions, OVH designed a solution that is aimed as much at users of traditional office suites as it is at data analysts and Big Data, HPC or 3D professionals, as Octave Klaba announced this morning at the Summit....

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Roubaix, le 28 juin 2016

OVH Enhances Its Global Networks to Deliver Best-in-Class Customer Experience With Cisco DWDM Technology

OVH, the world’s third-largest hosting provider, announced plans to enhance and expand its high-speed global network with Cisco® optical technology to enable greater capacity for cloud and hosted services between its datacentres. Cisco's DWDM technology provides OVH with some unique capacities between its datacentres for Cloud and hosted services. In Canada, this technology's deployment is currently ongoing on the Toronto-Beauharnois l...

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Roubaix, 20th October 2015

Performance, security and flexibility: OVH has designed its ideal public cloud service.

OVH has officially launched OVH Public Cloud, its globally available public cloud service. And with it, OVH has certainly delivered the promises of the Cloud. The computing instances and public cloud storage options come with anti-DDoS, the option to host services in Europe and/or North America, data is replicated across three datacentres and it's based on open-source technology platform OpenStack. It's no coincidence that the leader in...

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Roubaix, 24 September 2015

Digital Launch Pad, the OVH programme for transforming innovative ideas into real projects

At the annual OVH Summit, OVH CEO Laurent Allard announced on behalf of the group the launch of a major programme to support innovation. Entitled Digital Launch Pad, this programme differs from conventional incubators because it’s committed to supporting the selected projects right to the end, i.e. until their launch on the market. The programme is split into three stages, inspired by those of a rocket launch: Ideation/ignition, Build/launch...

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Roubaix, 21 January 2015

Steps towards a PCI DSS certified infrastructure

The French group OVH, cloud computing and web infrastructure specialist, has received the PCI DSS certification for its online payment system across all of its brands:, So you Start, RunAbove, Kimsufi and hubiC. This certification represents a new token of trust for its customers, as it demonstrates OVH's commitment to the fight against credit and debit card fraud. This step is also part of OVH's global certification strategy to...

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