Performance, security and flexibility: OVH has designed its ideal public cloud service.

Roubaix, 20th October 2015

Performance, security and flexibility: OVH has designed its ideal public cloud service.

OVH has officially launched OVH Public Cloud, its globally available public cloud service. And with it, OVH has certainly delivered the promises of the Cloud. The computing instances and public cloud storage options come with anti-DDoS, the option to host services in Europe and/or North America, data is replicated across three datacentres and it's based on open-source technology platform OpenStack. It's no coincidence that the leader in digital services has chosen this new infrastructure as the technological base for its other new PaaS and IoT services.

After a number of years of R&D and testing, is now able to offer its customers public cloud services that meet even the highest expectations. The company is already the market leader for its IaaS solutions, including Dedicated Cloud, Dedicated Servers and VPS products, and OVH Public Cloud is the final piece of the puzzle.

"This isn't just another public cloud service", explained Alexandre Morel, OVH CMO. "We designed OVH Public Cloud to be used alongside our other cloud solutions and to allow users to build complex hybrid architectures by combining private IaaS with virtual machines and public instances. OVH is able offer this unique added-value feature because of the vastness of its IaaS solutions and is becoming the provider of the most comprehensive digital infrastructures on the market."

OVH Public Cloud addresses the security and privacy needs of companies as it includes anti-DDoS, triple data replication and is hosted in the company's own datacentres. With, amongst other things, a 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA) to guarantee the availability and reliability of the infrastructure, even the most cautious users can rest assured.

OVH Public Cloud, like all OVH services, is supported by the provider's own fibre optic network. This unique infrastructure has a total capacity of 4 Tbps, is fully managed and maintained by OVH, and is currently being migrated from DWDM to 100 G coherent technology; a development that will benefit users.
Another advantage of the service is that it's based on the open-source platform OpenStack (OVH is also a member of the OpenStack Foundation), making it particularly for users easy to migrate, integrate applications and switch between different cloud providers.

In terms of payment, users can pay for what they use with the option to pay hourly or monthly. This allows them to scale up their resources as and when they need to, rather than implement oversized infrastructures. The pay-monthly option makes the already highly competitive prices even more attractive as it enables users to cut their bill by a further 50%. It's worth mentioning that the prices are all inclusive and cover disk I/O and bandwidth.

"We want companies to have confidence in all aspects of moving to the Cloud: security, availability, cost transparency", explained Maxime Hurtrel, OVH Public Cloud Product Manager. "OVH Public Cloud offers a robust, scalable and flexible solution. Our goal is to offer users as much freedom as possible to enable them to evolve their digital infrastructures according to their needs."

Pierre Ourdouillé, OVH Public Cloud Techlead added: "OVH Public Cloud isn't just another OVH service, we're building our own future on this infrastructure. Our VPS 2016 range runs on this technological base, and we're also in the process of deploying our PaaS and IoT solutions on it."

A Cloud model tailored towards users' priorities

OVH Public Cloud offers two types of service: Instances and Object Storage.

Public Cloud Instances offer the choice between two types of virtual machine: RAM and CPU. RAM Instances are built for apps that consume a lot of memory (SaaS apps for example), creating multimedia content or managing large databases. CPU Instances on the other hand are designed for applications that require fast computing such as data analysis, digital simulation and peak load management applications.

Object Storage renders your files highly available, regardless of their size or number. This system greatly simplifies storage architectures as the file system, management and hardware are agnostic.

Additional 10 GB to 10 TB drives are available for customers who want to add extra disk space to their instances or migrate their data from one instance to another. Two levels of disk performance are available. Triple replication and I/Os are guaranteed.

These first two public cloud services were launched before the summer and new features are being added every week. "Our cloud infrastructure is the first of our services to be part of a 100% agile development model oriented towards continuous development", explained Maxime Hurtrel, OVH Public Cloud Project Manager.

In terms of innovations, these will be mainly on the network side. OVH Public Cloud will be integrated into the OVH vRack, the virtual private server (VPS) solution that allows users to connect their various OVH services securely.

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