Warsaw, Singapore, and Sydney, OVH Opens 3 New Datacentres to Respond to the Growing Demand for Cloud Infrastructures

Roubaix, the 11th of October 2016

Warsaw, Singapore, and Sydney, OVH Opens 3 New Datacentres to Respond to the Growing Demand for Cloud Infrastructures

Under the code names WaW, SNG, and SYD, the cloud leader is opening 3 datacentres in Poland, Australia and Singapore, corresponding to the first wave of new datacentres announced at Summit 2015. These installations permit OVH to support its customers in their global expansion and respond to the growing demand for outsourced digital infrastructures throughout the world.

Having digital resources as close as possible to the key markets of business activity or entering new markets has become a major issue for the success of a project. OVH customers have confirmed this, expressing their wish to host their services in their own countries and/or in new geographical areas. OVH, which has 1 million customers throughout more than 130 countries, thus decided to deploy new datacentres around the globe.

Introductory offers adapted to each market
To allow users to discover and test its services in each new datacenter, OVH has designed exclusive offers. Available in limited quantities, the “Discovery Offers” provide the best price/quality ratio in each market.

Performance is made possible through the ability to industrialize and the infrastructure of the OVH network. The hosting leader relies on its own global network with a capacity of 7.3 Tbps to guarantee optimal latency and security. Redundant, it offers 32 points of presence worldwide, making it possible to deliver guaranteed bandwidth at competitive rates, even in areas where bandwidth is very costly, like in Asia.

All services proposed in the new datacentres include the same anti-DDoS protection that is standard with all OVH offers and free of charge. The teams have put in place anti-DDoS infrastructures in each of the datacentres they operate.

Hybrid Cloud (vRack) will permit the interconnection of services around the world, in a isolated manner as well as the possibility to build complex private networks between multiple datacenters worldwide.

Each month, depending on the country, new services will be added to the product portfolio: Dedicated Server range, VPS, Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Cloud Web. OVH plans to make all of its solutions available to its customers worldwide via a Control Panel and API, in order to optimise the user experience. To follow the roadmap of offers and their availability, visit: [url="https://www.ovh.co.uk/discover/[/url]

Next datacentres in the USA and Europe
In addition to the opening of the three datacenters today, seven others are expected by the end of 2017, in the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, England and Netherlands.

At the close of 2016, the datacenter in Virginia, on the east coast of the United States is scheduled to be in production. Announcements concerning the west coast are planned for early 2017.

As for Germany and England, work is underway on facilities located near Frankfurt and London. The first commercial offers are expected for May 2017.

The prospecting phase continues in Spain and Italy, while opening a datacenter in the Netherlands is scheduled for the end of 2017.

This announcement brings the total number of OVH datacenters in service to 20. Once its deployment plan is completed, OVH will offer its customers a choice from among 27 datacenters throughout 11 countries on 3 continents.

About OVH

The OVH group was founded in 1999. It innovates at the very heart of the web, datacentres and networks, and today it is a key player in the global cloud. Through its OVH.com, So you Start, RunAbove, Kimsufi and hubiC brands, the OVH group offers simple and powerful tools and solutions which put technology at the service of business and significantly improve the working practices of its 1 million customers around the world. As always, the company remains firmly committed to respecting the individual’s freedom and equal opportunity of access to new technologies. For OVH, "Innovation is Freedom".

Lorine Schieber