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Templates you can use

OVH provides you with VM, Linux and Windows templates in the hypervisor catalogues. Due to compatability, the templates available may vary from one hypervisor to another. OVH also enables you to purchase licences directly from your Control Panel.

The licencing of Windows virtual machines must be activated in the v6 Manager, per Private Cloud datacentre. You will be billed according to the number of hosts with Windows virtual machines, or the number of virtual machines, depending on which is most beneficial to you.

With the following pricing:

Number of Windows Standard VMs per Host Enterprise Host M
Infrastructure Host M
Infrastructure Host L/L+
Host 2013 S
Host 2013 M
Enterprise Host L/L+
Enterprise Host XL/XL+
Infrastructure Host XL/XL+
Host 2013 L/L+
Host 2013 L2/L2+
Host 2013 XL/XL+
1 Windows Standard VM 20.00 ex. VAT/month
40.00 ex. VAT/month
80.00 ex. VAT/month
2 Windows Standard VMs 40.00 ex. VAT/month
80.00 ex. VAT/month
160.00 ex. VAT/month
3 Windows Standard VMs 60.00 ex. VAT/month
120.00 ex. VAT/month
240.00 ex. VAT/month
More than 3 Windows Standard VMs or more than 1 VM Windows Datacenter 130.00 ex. VAT/month
260.00 ex. VAT/month
480.00 ex. VAT/month

Starting on the 1st of November, 2016, rates for the SPLA licences will be based on the number of physical cores found in the Hosts. You will be billed according to the number of Hosts with Windows virtual machines or according to the number of virtual machines. Whichever is more cost-effective for you.

This change will take effect when your services are renewed in December 2016.

Licence for the VM or licence for the Host 1 Windows Standard VM + 7 Windows Standard VMs or 1 Windows Datacentre VM
8 cores (at least)
Dedicated Cloud Host M, SDDC Host M, 2013 Host S, 2013 Host M
20.00 ex. VAT/month
130.00 ex. VAT/month
10 cores
SDDC Host L/L+
25.00 ex. VAT/month
162.50 ex. VAT/month
2 x 8 cores
Dedicated Cloud Host L/L+
40.00 ex. VAT/month
260.00 ex. VAT/month
2 x 10 cores
50.00 ex. VAT/month
325.00 ex. VAT/month
2 x 16 cores
Dedicated Cloud XL/XL+ Host
80.00 ex. VAT/month
520.00 ex. VAT/month
4 x 12 cores
Host 2013 XL/XL+
120.00 ex. VAT/month
780.00 ex. VAT/month

With the Private Cloud, you get preinstalled Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or 2016 templates

With the following pricing:

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and 2016
Web Edition
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and 2016
Standard Edition
4 vCPU (or less) 23.00 ex. VAT/month
320.00 ex. VAT/month
6 vCPU 34.50 ex. VAT/month
480.00 ex. VAT/month
8 vCPU 46.00 ex. VAT/month
640.00 ex. VAT/month
12 vCPU 69.00 ex. VAT/month
960.00 ex. VAT/month
16 vCPU 92.00 ex. VAT/month
1,280.00 ex. VAT/month

This pricing does not include the cost of Windows licenses which are needed for Microsoft SQL Server to work

You can install a panel on your VMs. A panel is a graphical user interface enabling you to manage your emails, domains and databases. Panels are ideal for managing websites. To order a licence, go to the licences section of the Web Control Panel.

With the following pricing:

Type of licence Price/month
Setup fee Free
30 domains 4.49 ex. VAT
100 domains 5.99 ex. VAT
300 domains 13.99 ex. VAT
Hosting Suite* 16.99 ex. VAT

*Parallels Hosting Suite (Plesk Panel Unlimited Domains, SiteBuilder 100 Sites, Plesk Billing 1000 Accounts).

Developer information at:

With the following pricing:

Type of licence Price/month
Setup fee Free
Unlimited domains 9.99 ex. VAT

Developer information at:

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