vRealize Operations (vROps)

The VMware recommended solution to manage your Private Cloud

Manage your platform with ease!

Using the vROps web interface, you can manage your infrastructure, activate monitoring on your VMs, detect any anomalies and easily anticipate the resources you'll need to ensure your platform's QoS. The vROps solution can be deployed on your Private Cloud on demand and whenever you want! The vROps works in read-only mode inside your infrastructure, thereby ensuring the stability of your environment.

The vROps solution provides answers to your questions

How healthy is my infrastructure?
What is my infrastructure's workload?
What does my infrastructure capacity look like?
When should I add resources?

In-depth management of your entire infrastructure

Continuous monitoring of all layers in your infrastructure

Standard and customisable dashboards detailing the health of your infrastructure with numerous indicators

Network, virtual machine, storage monitoring

Performance analysis and indicators (QoS)

Overall health index of your infrastructure

Diagnostics and detailed reports of anomalies

Detection, analysis and accurate description of anomalies (root cause) in your infrastructure

Uniformity analysis of your updates (VMware tools, ESXi,etc.)

Proactive alerts when your VMs become saturated

Automatic forwarding of customisable reports about the compliance of your infrastructure (csv, pdf)

Platform capacity management

Capacity planner to anticipate your short and long-term needs for resources

"What if" scenario to assess the results of typical occurrences such as load peaks on your QoS

"RightSizing" to size your VMs as accurately as possible and optimise your resources

Why is vRealize Operations so efficient?

This solution takes advantage of VMware's experience acquired from thousands of customer use cases and its expertise with its own technologies.
The vROps tool is based on:

Thorough monitoring of all layers to ensure that VMware technologies (vSphere, NSX,..) are working properly


Algorithms from thousands of best practices are used for performance indicators


Analysis of your capacity management history (the more important it is, the more accurate it will be)

Enable vRealize Operations on demand*

The vROps solution can be activated across your entire Private Cloud infrastructure. The vROps licence costs only depend on the hosts that form your Private Cloud infrastructure, with the following pricing:

Dedicated Cloud
Host M
48 ex. VAT/month
or a total of 242 ex. VAT/month/host
Host L
70 ex. VAT/month
or a total of 351 ex. VAT/month/host
Host L+
105 ex. VAT/month
or a total of 526 ex. VAT/month/host
Host XL
116 ex. VAT/month
or a total of 582 ex. VAT/month/host
Host XL+
162 ex. VAT/month
or a total of 813 ex. VAT/month/host
Host 64
71 ex. VAT/month
or a total of 635 ex. VAT/month/host
Host 128
100 ex. VAT/month
or a total of 895 ex. VAT/month/host
Host 256
167 ex. VAT/month
or a total of 1,504 ex. VAT/month/host
Host 512
238 ex. VAT/month
or a total of 2,145 ex. VAT/month/host

* Minimum one month commitment.

discount on NSX?
Get the NSX + vROps(1) bundle, and save 50% on the NSX option!
(1): Reduced price comes from sharing your dedicated management infrastructure and optimising VMware options licences. Discount applied to any simultaneous or additional order of options mentioned. Reduction already included in the prices of the vROps option for the SDDC range.

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