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MX PLAN only includes email accounts.
If you already have a web hosting, you can choose this option but it is not necessary to have a domain registered at OVH. This is up to you to decide.

Why choose MX Plan?

This product is aimed at people wanting to link an email system to a domain name without being obliged to have a website. With the following domain type:, you can associate it to email addresses of this type: Each address (known as POP) is limited to 5 GB.

Each MX plan option is linked to a number of possible addresses:
5, 25, 100 and full.

If you feel that your web hosting doesn't offer you enough accounts, MX Plan supplies you with additional ones without a need to enlarge your hosting service.

Features & Prices

mx plan 5 mx 25 mx 100 mx full mx
Number of POP accounts 5 25 100 1000
alias 1000 1000 1000 1000
redirections 1000 1000 1000 1000
autoresponders 1000 1000 1000 1000
mailing list 100 1000
maximum quota per pop 5GB 5GB 5GB 5GB
price5.00 ex. VAT
14.00 ex. VAT
24.00 ex. VAT
29.00 ex. VAT
To order your MX plan, go to your Manager,
"Email" section.
This service is valid indefinetly so you never have to renew it!

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When you subscribe to the MX Plan, additional POP accounts aren't added but they substitute the former offer.


If you have already have a Personal 2014 package (10 authorised POP accounts) and you sign up for a 100 MX package, you will then have a total of 100 POP accounts and not 110.

Sending limits

200 emails/hour/account and 300 emails/hour/IP.

Every MXplan is provided with a default account 'postmaster@'. This address cannot be changed or removed.
Example: If you order 5 MX, you will have 5 accounts but only 4 of them can be configured with your chosen names.