What makes the OVH Public Cloud different?

Access guaranteed resources easily and securely.

story of OVH Public Cloud
  • Consistent performance without resource overallocation
  • Infrastructure protected by advanced security
  • Reversibility and interoperability between your IaaS infrastructures

Performance and high availability

A significant trend in the current cloud computing market is to offer a wide variety of ranges, instance models and other virtual machines. The increasingly complex variety of products availble is due to the different levels of performance offered.

The OVH Public Cloud provides every user with guaranteed resources without over allocation. You therefore get 100% of your resources with optimised and consistent performance. Add persistent disks, triple replication and distributed storage thanks to Ceph technology and achieve high availability.

Mitigating security risk in the Cloud

The security risks of cloud computing services are a major concern for all professionals. However, the IaaS approach has a number of essential advantages in this regard including the isolation of machines, the reversibility of the cloud platform and the confidentiality and protection of your data.

Given that the OVH Public Cloud never overallocates resources, you will never experience the "Noisy Neighbour" issue, the resources you paid for are physically allocated to you. With OpenStack, you can manage and automate your operations with cloud providers without having to worry about the age or type of hardware. Finally OVH Anti-DDos is available in all our 20 datacentres across the globe.

Migrate to OVH Public Cloud with ease

The Public Cloud is one of the most promising development opportunities in the new tech market. The promise of flexibility, elasticity and reduced costs are recognised by professionals and analysts. Despite this you should take a considered approach to migrating to the Cloud using a solution which respects the market's best practices.

There is no need to run before you can walk. You should start out by testing essential server operations, storage volumes, SSH keys, security rules and snapshots. It's best to start off small and build up. Our technical support team is here to provide you with support whenever you need it. You should be completely at ease when it comes to inviting customers to your new platform.