SMS Marketing

Opt for SMS messaging to develop your marketing strategy

Did you know?

More than 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes after they are received.
It is three times quicker than the open rate for emails.

How many other communication channels can offer such high performance?
At OVH, deliverability is assured via redundant routes used by your SMS messages, guaranteeing an exceptional and consistent delivery rate.

Get a range of precise indicators to evaluate the overall performance of your SMS marketing campaign. Compare it to the results of your previous campaigns, and reach your objectives quickly and simply.  

Create your SMS campaigns in a few clicks

Creating a campaign takes just a few minutes.
You can do it at any time, from any computer with an internet connection.

Simply import your database in Excel or CSV format, then select the contacts you want to send your SMS campaign to. It can be all of the contacts in your database, or a selection of them for a more targeted campaign. You can also clear duplicate contacts from your database free of charge.

You can then create the message in your campaign's management interface, and customise the sender that will appear on the recipient's mobile phone. Send your campaign immediately, or schedule the sending by setting a specific date and time. Depending on your campaign, you can send a simple push message — or with a survey, for example, you can authorise SMS replies.

Adapt your SMS campaigns to suit your needs

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SMS Push

Enrich your customer experience at every step of your buyer journey, and inform recipients via SMS with SMS push notifications.

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Mass SMS

Send mass communications to your audience, and promote your business with bulk SMS campaigns.

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Why create SMS Marketing campaigns?

On top of its remarkably high opening rate, SMS messaging is also the most cost-effective communication channel. SMS campaigns are quick and easy to set up. Reach all your customers instantly and achieve the highest ROI.

With SMS Marketing, stay in contact with your customers, and reach them directly and almost instantly. Their mobile phones are always close by, so you can contact them at any time with a custom message, a group message to announce promotions, flash sales, competitions, reminders and much more.

Your SMS text messages can be sent to 200 countries, with the best price for each destination.

Advantages of OVH SMS service packs for marketing campaigns

More than 95% of SMS messages are received within 10 seconds, and more than 99% are received within 10 minutes.

With around 40 features present in the OVH API, you can combine your existing services with SMS packs. In just one click, you can confirm an order, notify customers about a package delivery, authorise access to a restricted zone via password, authenticate customers, and much more. A PHP SDK has been developed to make it easier to integrate the OVH SMS solution in to your environment.
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Whether you want to send 1, 10 or 1,000 SMS text messages, we do not impose any limits on the number of text messages you send, or the number of contacts you send to.

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