Mass SMS

Target as many contacts as you want.

Bulk SMS sending via the internet

Import your contact lists, compose your message and send your SMS campaign immediately, or schedule a sending time — all in just a few clicks. SMS sending is easy to set up, cost-effective, and one of the most efficient communication channels. By bulk sending SMS messages, you can organise advertising campaigns and share information in just a few clicks.

Degressive pricing to help you save money on sending SMS messages

The more SMS messages you send, the cheaper they are.
Get degressive prices depending on the volume of SMS messages you send, and save up to 20%.

Whether you want to send 1, 10 or 1,000 SMS messages, we do not impose any limits on the number of SMS messages you send, or the number of contacts you send to. The number of messages you send will not affect the deliverability of your bulk SMS sending. This means that if a route separating our sending platform from the recipient's network is 'closed' or 'damaged', the SMS will follow a second route, ensuring that your recipient will receive the message.

Set an alert to be notified when your SMS stock has dropped below a pre-defined threshold. Your campaigns will no longer be blocked due to insufficient credit.

Bulk send SMS messages via the OVHcloud Control Panel

Write your messages

Your message can contain up to 1,600 characters (i.e. the equivalent of 10 SMS messages. Copy-paste your texts and links easily to boost the impact of your campaign.

Why choose SMS solutions from OVH Telecom?

Did you know?

Did you know that SMS messages have a 97% opening rate?

By choosing this communication channel for your marketing campaigns, you get a quick impact to reach your target audience through short, punchy messages. Bulk SMS sending is particularly useful for promoting your commercial offers, and it also targets your contacts more precisely at different stages of their customer experience. With the OVH Telecom API, you can also integrate bulk SMS sending directly in to your website or application.

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