PrestaShop summed up...

PrestaShop is the fastest, lightest, and the most scalable of the open-source e-commerce solutions.

At the Open-Source Awards in 2010 and 2011, it was named the " Best Open-Source E-commerce application .

PrestaShop summed up

PrestaShop FAQ

I have chosen a Professional or Performance hosting package to host my PrestaShop. How do I get my online shop up and running?

Your website is delivered to you within minutes and you will receive all the information required to connect to your account by email. If you have chosen a package with Prestashop pre-installed, you will also receive access to your PrestaShop administration panel. Otherwise, simply visit your OVH Manager and then choose "PrestaShop" in the 1-click modules.

In both cases you will receive a new email giving you administrative access to your shop. You can customise the appearance, create your categories and products.

I have chosen an OVH VPS to host my PrestaShop. How do I get my online shop up and running?

Your VPS is delivered to you within minutes and you will receive all the information on how to set up your online shop by email. It will also contain instructions on how to link it to your domain name .

Simply log in to your PrestaShop administration panel to customise how it looks and to create categories and products (a video will guide you through these steps).

How do I get PrestaShop updates?

PrestaShop is delivered with the latest version available when your 1-click module is installed or when your PrestaShop VPS is delivered. The update can then be carried out whenever you want, directly via the PrestaShop update module, which is installed as standard.

How do I configure emails from my OVH PrestaShop VPS?

You don't need to worry. Your PrestaShop installation has already been configured so automated emails (such as order confirmations) can be sent without problems.

How do I set up online payments?

It's simple: payment by cheque and bank transfers are activated as standard, and you can also add payment via Paypal to receive debit card payments. You can do this directly via the PrestaShop administration panel.

If you want to integrate your own payment solution through your bank, for example, we recommend adding the OVH SSL certificate to your Performance hosting package.

You are also free to use your own SSL certificate on your VPS.

Is PrestaShop really free?

Yes! The PrestaShop software is totally free to install and use. If you want, you can add modules or paid themes to make your shop even more personalised.

PrestaShop also provides a paid support service which enables you to receive expert advice on boosting your sales.

If I already have a online shop elsewhere, or I want to move from from a Performance hosting plan to a VPS, can I retrieve my products and settings?

If you're already using PrestaShop, it doesn't matter who your hosting provider is, as you can use the native categories and products import/export function to retrieve them in your OVH PrestaShop store within minutes.

Otherwise, you can either contact our partner PrestaShop for assistance via their (paid) support service, or follow one of the many migration tutorials available online.

PrestaShop summed up

PrestaShop has over 500,000 members and 150,000 shops worldwide.

A reliable, flexible and efficient solution that can handle over 100,000 orders per day, and has 310 features and 3,500 modules to optimise the development and management of your online store.