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OVH supports ForePaaS

ForePaaS simplifies data access

Interview with Vincent Michel, ForePaaS co-founder

Big Data has taken the business world by storm. Data is now everywhere: the volume is growing exponentially, and we are continuing to generate new types and sources of data. Of course, this is due in some part to social networks, but let's not forget about other sources, such as IoT.

ForePaaS uses OVH solutions to provide a means of processing and using data, thereby giving it meaning.

"When looking for a solution to my infrastructure problems, I was put in contact with Paul Sinaï, who became one of my providers. We talked about a customer of mine who did not know how to process all his data. Paul and I believed that with our shared web culture and understanding of technologies defined by GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), we could conceive of a new way of processing this data. This was how the idea for our joint venture came about. We assembled a little team of developers and we worked evenings and weekends on the beginnings of a data processing platform. Nine months later we got positive results and even managed to find our first customer: ForePaaS was born.

The aim of ForePaaS is straightforward: design a simple tool which enables you to harness the power of your data. That is what ForePaaS is: a platform as a Service dedicated to analytics. It lets you create customised business applications, industrialise them and rapidly deploy them in a secure environment. It automatically covers the entire value chain, from data extraction to retrieval, via all the data management options. Built with the latest web technology, the platform brings power and flexibility to data processing in a business environment.

When we were thinking about infrastructure, OVH's name immediately sprung to mind: Paul had already been a customer for a number of years and he liked the reliability and freedom of OVH's products. When we were exhibiting at the Vivatech event, we met the OVHcloud Startup Program team who explained the programme to us. As OVH is our main cloud provider, it seemed natural for us to strengthen our relationship, identify common opportunities and to define and build strong added-value services together. In reality, we have several OVH products which we have used to store our data and build our solutions, including Dedicated Cloud, dedicated servers and Public Cloud!

We are delighted to be part of the OVHcloud Startup Program! Aside from the credits which have given us the freedom to strengthen our infrastructure, the programme provided indisputable added value for us. The support from a team of solutions architects enabled us to innovate and make our platform more reliable. We also gained visibility: in fact, we were given the opportunity to participate in several OVH events, including the OVH Summit – a perfect occasion to meet prospects and investors!"

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