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Leakwatch helps companies to monitor data leaks

Find out more from the startup's co-founder, Rémi Parent.

When we met Benjamin, we were both students at Supinfo Valenciennes. We very soon realised that we had the same ambition: to invent a solution meeting IT security needs whilst also building our own company. This is what we are working on today, with Leakwatch, the startup which we founded and which is supported by Serre Numérique, a French hub for digital convergence.

We decided to concentrate on the first stage of cyber-attacks, stolen data, and we created Leakwatch. The idea behind Leakwatch is making sure that companies are the first to be warned of any data breaches. This advantage means they can act quickly, before the data can be exploited. Our "Security Intelligence" solution is built around three key steps: collect, analyse, alert. Firstly, we collect a large amount of data from multiple sources which we have identified as sources of sensitive information. Secondly, our analysis tools interpret the data collected to find any information that might compromise the security of your company or its customers. As soon as we notice a link with one of these companies, we evaluate the level of risk which the leak might represent and we warn the company in question. We offer two forms of consultation to the companies which we support: the dashboard which provides an all-in-one overview of your data leaks, as well as our API which lets you directly integrate our results into tools which are already in place.

The servers are tools we use all the time at work. Every day we process high volumes of data — this is why we needed a high-speed, robust infrastructure. Since the very beginning of our project, we used OVH products to test our solution. We were familiar with OVH and its reputation, and So you Start, with its brilliant quality-price ratio, stood out to us as a perfect choice for this testing phase.

We first encountered the OVHcloud Startup Program when they presented their project at Serre Numérique. When we had to scale up, the OVHcloud Startup Program seemed to be the natural option for us. Thanks to the diversity of options offered by OVH, especially on Public Cloud, we could set up a scalable and secure infrastructure which would grow with our project! We are still in the build phase, and having the support of OVH, its projects, and the OVHcloud Startup Program team is clearly a great asset to us!

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