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OVH is supporting PUMPKIN

Pumpkin: a virtual wallet which helps friends settle debts

Interview with Victor Lennel, co-founder & CTO of the Lille startup: Pumpkin, supported by OVH under the OVHcloud Startup Program.

A group gift, a colleague who gets you a drink at the bar… we often find ourselves in debt to others. With the Pumpkin mobile app, you no longer have any excuse not to settle your debt. Even if you only owe a minor amount to your nearest and dearest, you can subscribe to the service and settle the matter in under a minute.

As the saying goes "short-reckonings make long friends". Pumkin has chosen to heed this age-old proverb and as such their future looks bright. The young app designers are not lacking in ambition or humour either. "By naming our service after a vegetable, we have decided to follow in the footsteps of successful brands like Apple, Orange or Blackberry… "

"We have all forgotten to pay someone back, admits Victor. But if you don't have any cash on you, you only have a couple of options: pay by check, which is not really designed for small amounts, or by a bank transfer, which often has to be validated by your bank if it is for a new payee"

Although there is no excuse for paying late, we can still claim extenuating circumstances. "However, we all have mobile phones on us which can be transformed into payment devices. This is exactly what our app is for."

The app, which is aimed at 18-35 year olds with very active social lives, now has more than 40,000 subscribers. Nearly 1,000 transactions are carried out each day and a total of three million euros have been processed since the service was created!

It has been free for individuals since it launched in 2014,
and Pumpkin is now going to develop into two apps:

  • Pumpkin Event: aimed at student offices and universities who might need to collect subscriptions for a ball, for example.
  • Pumpkin Pro: to provide retailers with an electronic payment terminal so they can accept payment by bankcard using a smartphone.

Commission will be charged with each transaction and this will be used to finance the company’s development. "In the long run we want to become a real mobile bank."

Until the company turns a profit, every euro invested by the trio is drawn from funds raised in May 2015 (€600, 000). Money must be spent as wisely as possible.
"We have to invest in marketing and communications to reach a critical mass of users. And the more users we gain, the higher the load that the infrastructure has to deal with. With OVH's help we can accelerate our go to market. Instead of thinking about finance, we can build a perfect infrastructure, based on the latest available tech"

In this instance, Pumpkin chose Public Cloud , for both the preproduction and production stage, which uses a load balancing system and auto-scaling (based on predefined conditions in the monitoring app).
"With 160,000 sessions and 3 million page views in a month we need something solid", concludes Victor. As long as it pays!

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