Your VPS Control Panel

The new OVH Control Panel: designed by our customers for you.


An interface adapted to your needs

From the novice to the professional web agency, you might have a single OVH VPS or multiple products. OVH's customer account offers a simplified interface that grows with you. You can unlock advanced technical features and advanced views to enhance the interface as you go.

The management interface offers simple views adapted to your products to help you manage your activity and make decisions. You can regroup your resources by project and/or by customers, manage your rights, delegate, transfer and share tasks. In short, you can adapt the tool to your daily needs.

Administrative tasks taken care of

You will no longer need to spend hours trying to find all the services in your account or update a domain. You can now manage multiple services, such as renewals, configurations, administration and customer information, in just a few clicks.

Choose a higher performing model if you need to. Back up and manage your backups to protect your data. Isolate your websites by adding geolocated IP addresses. Switch to KVM or Rescue mode for your scheduled maintenance. It's up to you!