Shared Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Optimise your website traffic with the Shared CDN option, and deliver an unparalleled user experience

With our network of datacentres spread across four continents, get quicker access to your website. The CDN is easy to use, and is fully integrated into your web hosting plan. Our system, which we operate on our infrastructure, will automatically cache all of your static files. All this guarantees quicker response times, and a higher SEO ranking.

CDN Basic

Annual subscription

1.99 ex. VAT/month
Included in Performance hosting plans

Choose a web hosting plan

In just one click, get a powerful CDN to expand your business easily.

CDN Security

Annual subscription

4.99 ex. VAT/month
(includes CDN Basic)

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Secure your websites with a default, customisable configuration.

CDN Advanced

Annual subscription

Coming soon

Available in 2021

(includes CDN Basic and CDN Security)

Optimise your CDN configuration according to your needs to ensure a tailored user experience.

Need help configuring your CDN? Please refer to our guide on the topic.
CDN Basic

Get the advantages and features of a professional CDN, to radically improve performance for your content management system (CMS). With our datacentres spread across four continents, you can give all your users an optimal experience, wherever they are based. If your website experiences a technical issue, our CDN will display a static, offline version of your website — so it will remain partially accessible to your visitors. The Shared CDN is offered with a default configuration when it is enabled, so that you can quickly get your project off the ground. It is designed for you to replace the default settings with your own, and adapt the solution to suit your project's requirements.

Global coverage

Deploy your website internationally by hosting it closer to your customers in Canada and Europe.

Anti-DDoS Protection

Like all our solutions, the CDN is equipped with OVHcloud Anti-DDoS protection which prevents distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Boost caching

The OVHcloud CDN constantly analyses your website's content, and ensures that the cached version is always as recent as possible.

Anycast routing

Your website's traffic is redirected to the OVHcloud infrastructure that is geographically closest to the user, or the infrastructure that can provide the quickest response time.

SSL Certificate

The Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is included with all of our web hosting plans, to guarantee security for your website in HTTPS.

Data compression: Brotli

Reduce the volume of data transferred, and speed up your website's loading time with Gzip and Brotli algorithms.

CDN Analytics

Optimise your site with accurate metrics on the state of your traffic.

CDN Security

Harness all the benefits offered by the CDN Basic, with features specifically developed to ensure optimal security, and deliver content in record time to users worldwide. By delegating all security checks to the CDN, your websites will be secure as soon as they are activated, with a default configuration that is fully customisable. Strengthen security for your visitors by protecting your end-to-end data exchange (CORS, HSTS and HTTPS redirection). The Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a perfect complement to our native anti-DDoS solution, delivering optimal security for your website’s infrastructure.

Includes the features of the CDN Basic, as well as:

Web application firewall (WAF)

Use our firewall to protect your website against fraudulent attacks and known vulnerabilities on the web (list of vulnerabilities managed by OVHcloud).

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)

Specify the external domains that will be allowed access to your web resources.

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

Offer access to your website in HTTPS only. This way, your web solution is secure against downgrade attacks.

Mixed content

This feature ensures that all content on your web pages is loaded securely, helping to optimise the user experience.


Protect all traffic to your website by redirecting it to HTTPS protocol temporarily or permanently.

CDN AdvancedAvailable in 2021

Includes the features of CDN Basic and CDN Security, as well as:

Customisable configurations

Redirection to your mobile website

Pre-loading for content

Advanced global reach

Content Delivery Network: our datacentres

Without CDN

With CDN

Don't miss out on these features!

Speed up page loading

With the OVHcloud Shared CDN option, you can optimise performance for your websites and web applications without needing to change your hosting plan, or your code. The CDN interacts with your hosting plan and users worldwide. It caches static content whenever a web user requests it, and distributes the content in minimal time without having to query your hosting servers — which makes your websites load more quickly in web browsers.

Improve user experience

Fluid, dynamic browsing is a key part of delivering an optimal user experience. Capture your visitors as accurately as possible, and improve your conversion rate by offering a website that is easy to browse via computer, smartphone and tablet. In some cases, a CDN can offer more than double the loading speed for a website.

Optimise the conversion rate and SEO ranking for your websites

Avoiding slow website loading times is now a major challenge for all critical businesses. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo consider loading time to be a crucial factor for a website's organic SEO. The CDN lowers response times for your webpages, and boosts their loading speed — which is an extra factor for improving your website's SEO ranking in search engines.