Plan and manage automated actions on your web hosting service

What it does

Crontab lets you schedule tasks, such as periodic updates, when to run programs and send emails, etc.
As with the Windows Task Scheduler, you automate your updates and tasks by configuring the date, time and frequency.

You can:

  • automate updates or run scripts
  • backup your websites and databases
  • access information streams that update your site
  • verify the status of sensitive files to secure a website
  • send emails containing access logs or links to backups

How do you use it?

Simply log in to your Control Panel and schedule all the tasks to be performed.

You can create or change the scripts you want to run periodically - it's as simple as that.

You select the script and the day and time you want them to run.


  • Enjoy Crontab on your shared hosting plan: This system, formerly for users of dedicated servers only, is available on a shared hosting plan. OVH provides you with Personal, Business or Premium Hosting and the possibility of using Cron! You can now automate website and database backup. Simply select the script to run in the Manager and select the frequency.

  • Task tracking: From your manager, you can see if the tasks are executed successfully. In the case where the execution task fails, you will get error messages and can modify future tasks.

Go further: example of a script that can be run to save and compress 2 databases:

system("mysqldump --host=your_mysql_server --user=your_database_name --password=password your_database_name > backup.sql");
system("gzip backup.sql");
system("mysqldump --host=your_mysql_server --user=your_database_name --password=password your_database_name > backupbase2.sql"); system("gzip backupbase2.sql");

And in the manager you can choose to run it every week or every month, for example.