Plan ahead: get an IPv6 address!

IPv6: evolve with ease

Ipv4 is the historic addressing protocol used for all equipment connected to the internet. The ever-increasing number of devices online has gradually led to a shortage of IPv4 addresses, and IPv6 has been developed as a result. IPv6 is coded in 128 rather than 32 bits, and is capable of connecting hundreds of millions of billions of new devices.

The internet is evolving. We now need more addresses and more security to improve connectivity and to enable smart devices to communicate with the web.

As a pioneer in this field, OVH allows you to enable IPv6 for your site now, without jeopardising how it currently operates.

OVH is ready! Are you?

Adopt the new version of internet protocol now

While most ISPs are adopting the new generation of IP addresses, OVH is preparing your site with a new free IPv6 option. Be an online innovator and enable your site for IPv6, so your content can be accessed in different ways.

With total ease

Activating your IPv6 is easy. Simply log in to your Control Panel and choose the "IPv6" option. The operation is instant and if your DNS is managed by OVH, no further action is required on your part. This new address will then be added to your IPv4 address, without any risk to your site accessibility.

Don't wait around, take the next step now and connect to your Control Panel.

What's behind all this?

IPv6 allows you to renew the basic principles of the internet by restoring the notion of connectivity from end to end.

IPv6 also incorporates any security issues into native IP packets, enabling quality of service control, and offering a virtually unlimited capacity for addresses...

These are just a few examples that illustrate the transition to a more powerful internet, offering greater opportunities for everyday use.