Jabber on your shared hosting

Create your chat server around your community, directly on your hosting and accessible from anywhere.

Activate your Jabber instant messaging directly in your manager

To enable Jabber on your hosting, go to your manager, Hosting or Sharing category and Communicate.

Call directly from your browser:


The webchat is available from a simple Internet connection. Via your favourite web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome ...), connect to your Jabber account and chat with your contacts wherever you are.

Go directly to the webchat, click here

Jwchat Logo

  • Multi-window interface
  • Conference rooms
  • Sound notifications
  • Status Choice (busy, available,...)

1. Connection Interface

2. Discussion Panel

Afflux logo

  • Light
  • View contacts in the same window
  • Status Choice (busy, available,...)

1. Connection Interface

2. Discussion Panel

Chatting from your PC....

Select and install the Jabber client of your choice: Pidgin, Gajim, centerim, PSI ... and chat with your community directly from your computer.
How to install the Jabber client on my PC? Click here

..or from your Smartphone.

Install Jabber on your mobile and continue to communicate with your contacts when you are travelling as if you were at your computer! How to install the Jabber client on my Smartphone? Click-here

Communicate safely

Privacy of trade

You want the conversations with your contacts to remain confidential? All communications using Jabber are encrypted and are made incomprehensible to those outside the exchange.

Share files with your contacts

Jabber makes it easy to share files. During your discussions, you can send and receive all types of documents: text file, PDF, music, video .... A progress bar lets you view the status of the current transfer.

Enjoy the openness of Jabber

A Universal Messenger!

The software client is available on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, web browsers, PDAs ... Whatever is used, all are compatible.


Directly import your contacts to your Gtalk list: it's the easiest way to display all your contacts.

Manage your contacts

No limit on the size of your contact list

With some IM systems, you can not have more than 150 contacts. There is no such limit with Jabber.


In conference rooms, you can exchange instant messages with multiple contacts at once.

View all your contacts in one click

All contacts created around your domain are immediately visible in your Jabber. You do not have to import each contact. Very handy for use in business: you have access to all your employees.


Quickly find a contact using the contact search bar!

Organise your list of contacts

Sort your contacts in the form of groups and subgroups for easier tracking. It is also possible to define status contact by contact. So you can be seen as occupied or offline by some contacts and be seen available with others.

Personalise your discussions

You can select colours, styles and fonts that suit your momentary mood.