Perl version 5.10.1

Perl is a powerful programming language that can handle scripts, systems, CGI etc.
The main advantages are the in-built module system and the string handling speed.
Like any PHP, it contains a large library of functions.

The Perl modules are pre-installed on your OVH hosting system...

You only use the functions you actually need. You can include:

  • Creating dynamic pages with the CGI module
  • Database storage using the DBI module
  • Running web 2.0 scripts

...and automatic updates:

OVH takes care of administration and security, you focus on the task of developing.

Save time:

You need to create a newsletter but all your email addresses on file are poorly organised and in various formats, including mis-typed addresses and duplicates.

Using a simple Perl script, you can create a clean file of email addresses, without any duplicates.

For a list of the pre-installed modules on your hosting system, click here