Mailing List

Create your newsletter and send it to all your subscribers!

With the mailing list, you can bring a community together and facilitate information exchange.

Unique mailing lists

You can customise your mailing list from your manager by choosing:

  • Name

  • Moderation: Do you want a moderator to read the messages before they are posted on your mailing list? Or would you prefer that customers can respond without restriction?

  • The mailing list language: French, German, English, Spanish...

Create your community:

  • Target your mailing list: Members of your community are interested in different topics: new products, promotions, bugfixes ... each subscriber has different expectations and they all want an answer. With the Pro package, you can create up to 100 mailing lists and completely customise your mails for specific recipients!

  • Take control of your communication: Organising the flow of information on your site is often complex - what information to communicate? Have customers understood the message? What's the feedback? For each mailing list, you can select a moderator to validate messages before sending!