Previous Plans

The solutions offered below are no longer available to order and, in some cases, can't be renewed. Maintaining old platforms takes up material and human resources. We choose instead to add features and services to our web services, and soon our PaaS services.

We're asking our affected customers to migrate to our new services which now have, amongst other things, more space for websites and emails and a variety of new features and innovations such as PHP-FPM optimisation, anti-DDoS protection and even the GeoCache Accelorator for your web pages. More detailed info.

Please note: you can order your new Web Hosting Plan in the Control Panel. The migration is automatic and seamless. It will not cause any downtime and your data will remain in tact.


These plans have been carried over and improved for their 2014 versions. The new plans offer a larger hosting space - 100 GB for Personal and 250 GB for Professional - and include new functionalities such as Anycast DNS, GeoCache Accelerator and even PHP-FPM optimisation.


These plans have been replaced by the 4 Performance Hosting Plans. They come with guaranteed and scalable resources, and new functionalities such as PHP-FPM, GeoCache and Anti-DDoS protection.

Start 10M

Start 10M comes free with every domain name. You automatically get a 10 MB hosting service and a 5 GB email account.

Start 1G/5G/10G, 20GP, 60GP, 300GP

These plans are no longer available.
They've been replaced by the Personal Hosting Plan. It comes with many features to help you get started on the web, such as large disk space, 10 x 5 GB email accounts and a database.


The 1000GP offer has not changed.
You can keep your 1000GP for as long as you keep the domain name.

90Plan + 240Plan

These plans are no longer available.
They've been replaced by the Professional Hosting Plan with even more disk space and functionalities. In addition, you now get 1 x 2 GB and 3 x 400 MB databases, so you can easily manage several websites. If you use the multi-domains and you need more databases, you can supplement your Professional Hosting Plan by ordering one of our SQL plans.

720Plan, MediaPlan, XXLPlan

These plans are no longer available.
They've been replaced by the Performance Hosting Plan. This plan offers guaranteed and scalable resources, 1000 email accounts and innovative services. On top of all that, the plan now includes several databases and a private SQL service that lets you create as many databases as you want, enabling you to manage your websites with virtually no limits.
If you use the 720Plan, the MediaPlan or the XXLPlan with multi-domains, so that you can resell to your customers, you can supplement your Premium package with the Personal SQL offers and dedicate a 25 MB or 50 MB database to each site. You can also directly manage a Private SQL server, enabling you to make use of large resources dedicated to your SQL databases, with no limit other than the RAM on your Private SQL server.
Using these plans, you can make better use of the new resources with your Premium plan, without any real limits in terms of SQL databases. You can create a dedicated SSL certificate for these sites.

MX Large

This plan is no longer available.
You can, however, add additional email accounts by choosing the MC Plan. It gives you up to 1000 emails per domain name for a great price. More info here.

Automatic and quick service migration

You don't need to reinstall a thing. Just request migration in the Control Panel under the "Web hosting" section. Migration is straightforward and won't cause any service downtime.