Shared NAS option

Web NAS option

Use your web hosting as a remote NAS: store and share data securely through the VPN access

Share the space between your employees

Each of your employees has their own storage space. By connecting to the hosting via VPN they may securely put documents on a web directory that they wish to share with others.

Store any type of file

You want to store audio, video, spreadsheets, presentations ...? With fault-tolerant infrastructures, high security, files on your hosting do not get exposed.

Compatibility between different operating systems

Let your employees use Linux, Windows or Mac and they can all access your storage space.

VPN Access

Ensure the security of your information over the Internet via a VPN access

VPN tunnel

You want to secure the transmission of data between your employees, your remote sites, your sales team, your remote workers. Using the tunneling protocol of the VPN, all data is exchanged with encryption and thus rendered unintelligible to those outside the exchange.

Secure Information Exchange

Your employees can provide confidential and sensitive information, the connection is completely secure. Just download the OVH VPN configuration software and use VPN to connect to your hosting.


Download the OVH VPN configuration software to connect to your VPN Hosting.

Work in a team

Share and retrieve work

All your employees can save their work in a shared directory and have quick access to searched documents: your web space is your library of knowledge updated by everyone.

Save time

You can work directly on your documents and publish the latest version to your employees.

Operating principal

Connect to your VPN access

By typing your username and password, you can securely connect to your VPN access.

Share your work

Once you successfully pass the login stage, you can access your workspace directly from your file explorer.