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A range of options to customise and improve your website

Our Web Hosting plans are scalable, and allow you to get additional services in just a few clicks.


All OVH web hosting plans are delivered with a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, which secures data exchanges with HTTPS protocol (green padlock). For an even higher security guarantee (e.g.: for e-commerce websites), OVH offers other SSL certificates (EV certificates).

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Extra databases

Increase performance for your websites without changing your web hosting plan by using extra MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, or get Private SQL, which will provide you with guaranteed performance.

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The CDN will improve browsing experience for your website's visitors, with quicker loading times for your webpages.
The CDN caches static content and distributes it to your visitors in record time, no matter where they are based in the world, without sending requests to your web hosting server.

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Boost your professional profile with a company email address that you can access from anywhere. From the most affordable Pro email solution to the industry benchmark Exchange solution, OVH offers a full range of professional mailboxes, hosted in Europe.

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Cloud Databases Services

Our managed databases, guaranteed to perform and connected to the public network, are compatible with all your OVHcloud and external services. Choose the database that suits you: MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Redis.

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The advantages of choosing an OVHcloud web hosting plan

OVHcloud is known for its web hosting expertise. We now own more than 27 datacentres, which makes us the no.1 web hosting provider in Europe, and no.3 worldwide.


Free domain name

Reserve your domain name for free, when you buy any web hosting plan.

CMS in 1 click

Use a CMS to create your website. We offer the most popular modules, and they can be installed in just 1 click: WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla!, and Drupal.

Mult-site management

The multi-site option allows you to host several websites on the same web hosting plan.


Every web hosting plan has a backup option. From your Control Panel, you can restore all files in your FTP.

High availability

We ensure 99.9% availability for your websites

Anti-DDoS Protection

OVHcloud uses its own powerful technology to block potential attacks on websites.