Create a dynamic site with PHP

PHP is the most widely using programming language for web development in the world. The most dynamic and responsive sites use PHP. Blogs, personal homepages, forums, web analytics tools, information forms, email sending, online shops... all are developed in PHP.

PHP is the reference!

Create a fully customised site

PHP is widely documented, easy to use and free, and will enable you to generate dynamic pages in just a few lines of code.
Using the templates, you can design personalised pages and put them online very easily.

Create your online store

Use PHP scripts to retrieve, update and edit all items from your shop that are registered in your database.

Bring your forum to life

Create a forum easily with all the services necessary for your community, such as managing RSS feeds in order to track and record exchanges and posts.

Perform operations with accurate time

Send customised forms automatically plus classify and analyse information. Use the current time and date to timestamp pages and comments.


Using today's date...

<?php $cejour = date('d'); echo 'Aujourd\'hui, nous sommes le : ' . $cejour; ?>

Send emails from your site

Use the mail function...


Send an email that will not be considered as spam

<?php $headers ='From:'."\n"; $headers .='Reply-To:'."\n"; $headers .='Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"'."\n"; $headers .='Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit'; mail('', 'Sujet', 'Message contenu de l email', $headers); ?>

Use PHP at OVH:

Versions and updates:

  • Available versions: 5.5 ; 5.6 ; 7
  • Choice of versions: select the PHP version you want directly via your .ovhconfig file. Find out more.
  • Auto Update: PHP is updated automatically by OVH on your web hosting. If there are significant changes between 2 versions, you can choose not to receive the update if your site is incompatible with this update.

Go further: Customise the use of PHP and Apache:

  • Easily enable or disable the global register
  • Choix de la version : PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6 ou PHP 7
  • Use URL rewriting on the fly and optimise your referencing and semantics.
  • Activate Ioncube
  • Password-protect access to selected site directories
  • Save time with a Framework: Use pre-developed packs with functions instead of making them yourself!