Private SQL Analyser

Improve the performance of your database

This tool examines the behaviour of your Private SQL server, then gives you some recommendations for maximising its performance.

You can run an analysis of the variables in your IT environment, such as your configuration file (my.cnf), at any time. You can then choose to follow our recommendations and update this file.

Accessible via your Control Panel, this service is targeted primarily at experienced web developers. However, you can automatically apply our recommendations in just 1 click.

Analysis of a number of parameters

The Private SQL Analyser will analyse:

  • database performance (RAM usage, number of connections, etc.)
  • database security
  • database engines and fragmentations
  • general database statistics (uptime, load, requests per second)

Launch the optimisation script, which compares the results with your previously created my.cnf configuration file. You will be given some recommendations once the operation is complete.

You have everything at hand to improve the performance of your private SQL server.

Your previous configurations backed up

There's a button which allows you to apply changes directly and backup your current configuration.

You can access your old configurations in the Control Panel. You can restore them at any time, even if the slightest problem arises.