Shared resources

For our latest Web Hosting range, we wanted to both update the features (increased disk space for example) and put greater emphasis on the infrastructure and components of the hosting platform.

You can still therefore choose features to meet your needs, not only in terms of space, email accounts and databases, but also in terms of the power required by your online projects.

Offers tailored to your needs

Shared resources

Like their predecessors, the Personal and Professional offers are based on shared platforms, where the cluster resources used are totally shared out.

This means that your hosting system will be based on the ambient resources available, in relation to consumption by other customers on same the cluster.

The Personal and Professional services have access to the same resources, so they benefit from the same maximum power level. However, in the event of saturation, Professional customers will have double priority over Personal customers on the handling of operations related to the site (requests, scripts, etc).
Shared resources

Guaranteed resources
Guaranteed resources

Conversely, the Performance offers are hosted in an isolated manner, demanding guaranteed resources to ensure continuous and permanent availability.

The resources allocated to each hosting system are based on cloud infrastructure and defined by two different values:

  • vCores: the number of virtual cores (CPU) activated, in units
  • RAM: the quantity of random access memory assigned, in Gigabytes (GB).

As the cloud architecture provides great flexibility, the Performance solutions can be upgraded instantly, with resources increased in a matter of minutes.

Another advantage with the Performance products is that they are separated from other hosting systems, leaving you free to exploit yours to the maximum and even till saturation, without risk of adversely affecting other customers. So you'll never be put on a best effort platform.

Increasing PHP resources
Increasing PHP resources

PHP workers are another resource available to you, in quantities that depend on the hosting package you have subscribed to.

One worker consists of an element capable of interpreting and carrying out 1 request (instruction) coded in PHP at a time.
PHP is one of the most widely used languages for building websites or other web structures.

The principle is this; the greater the number of workers available, the greater the number of requests that can be carried out simultaneously, with each request generally being related to an action launched by a user/visitor on your site, such as clicking on a page or a button, etc.

However, the quantity of these workers is multiplied from one offer to another. This quantity is not fixed, but you will always get twice as many workers on Professional packages as on Personal, and the same equation applies when upgrading a Performance package.

A hosting system adapted to all your sites

Selection of the solution that best meets your requirements could be based aforementioned criteria.
However, in order to help you choose, we indicate the “maximum number of websites” that can be hosted on each package.

A hosting system adapted to all your sites

This figure is a simple recommendation, based on a “standard” website, as per the findings of assessments of our infrastructures, usage estimates, and customer feedback on the performance of their hosting service.

We have evaluated the possible number of websites for each option as follows:

  • Personal: up to 5 websites

  • Professional: up to 10 websites

  • Performance: unlimited (or almost, bearing in mind the upgrades that are possible)

However, no limits are imposed. You can host more sites than recommended if you want, subject to compliance with the terms and conditions.

In addition, the number of multi-domains authorised on each offer enables you to declare the same number of domain names on your hosting package, related to one or more sites.

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