Personal/Professional/Private SQL

Personal/Professional/Private SQL services are options which enable you to increase the number of databases on your hosting system.
These databases are the same as those included in your package. The SQL server version is the same, and you access the databases in the same way.

To order new databases, log in to your Control Panel and go to the Hosting section.


Create your database with a personalised suffix

Ideal for organising your databases.

You can customise databases name: very useful when looking for a specific database

Backup your data automatically

From your Control Panel, you can automate database backups in a just few clicks! You can also easily restore them in the event of a problem and can carry out updates with total peace of mind.

Simply activate the service directly via your manager

Plan and automate actions on your database

With Crontab, you schedule the actions, which translate into automated backups of your website and databases at regular intervals.
As with the Windows task scheduler, you automate your updates and task executions by choosing the time, date and frequency.

Directly from your Control Panel, you will see if the tasks have been executed correctly.

In the event of the task being badly executed, you can retrieve the error messages so you can modify future tasks.

More information on Crontab.

PhpMyAdmin (version 5) installed as standard:

The most popular interface for managing databases on a PHP server.

With phpMyAdmin, you can accept the formulation of SQL queries directly in SQL: you can test your query when creating a website and save valuable time!

Personal SQL

Number of Databases Database Size Simultaneous connections per base Price
5 100 MB 30 3.00  /month
20 100 MB 30 6.00  /month
50 100 MB 30 10.00  /month
5 200 MB 30 6.00  /month
20 200 MB 30 12.00  /month
50 200 MB 30 20.00  /month
1 400 MB 30 3.00  /month
2 400 MB 30 5.00  /month
5 400 MB 30 12.00  /month
1 800 MB 30 6.00  /month
2 800 MB 30 11.00  /month
5 800 MB 30 24.00  /month

Professional SQL

Packages available Number of databases in the package Size per database Simultaneous connections per database Price
Pro 1 2 GB 30 Included
Performance 1 1 GB 30 Included

Private SQL

Types available Size of database Available versions FTP access Backup Price
Server with 128 MB RAM Unlimited 5.1 - 5.5 6.00  /month
Server with 256 MB RAM Unlimited 5.1 - 5.5 10.00  /month
Server with 512 MB RAM Unlimited 5.1 - 5.5 20.00  /month
Server with 1 GB RAM Unlimited 5.1 - 5.5 40.00  /month

The Private SQL management interface image:

The advantages of Private SQL

*Subject to the space available on the server.

New feature

Ensure the security and stability of your databases with the SQL Guardian


Enjoy having no limits!

With your Private SQL server, you get resources reserved only for you, rather than the shared resources on shared servers.
As a result, what you do won't affect other users. Database size is not limited. You can choose the best compromise between data volume and performance for your SQL server.


Unlimited configuration with maximum security

You can modify your my.cnf file to get the right configuration for you. In the event of an error causing server failure, simply delete the file and reboot the server and the default configuration will be restored.


Choose your SQL version

When placing your order, you can choose the SQL server version that best suits your needs from the list of available versions.
If your needs evolve with time, you can change it in a matter of clicks using your Control Panel and you can change the version easily, as many times as you need to.

Back up your data automatically

From your Control Panel, you can automate database backups in a just few clicks! You can also easily restore them in the event of a problem and can carry out updates with total peace of mind.

Simply activate the service directly from your Control Panel

Import your databases with total ease

Import a database from any other MySQL server!
The Control Panel enables you to duplicate any shared hosting, dedicated server or even another Private SQL server database and import it into your Private SQL.

Principle of operation

Your Private SQL has its own resources (processors, RAM...), which are designated by the main system, so that users don't inconvenience each other.

Requirements: a shared hosting plan.

Private SQL closer to you

Your SQL server is essential to you and you want to know everything that happens on your server 24/7. You can configure SQL operating alerts and receive them by SMS.

Simply activate the service directly via your Control Panel by clicking here


Private SQL Guardian

Optimise your website with MySQL Guardian.
Enhance your website stability and performance with MySQL Guardian, our Private SQL database monitoring tool.

Private SQL Guardian

If a query takes too long to close, it can block other ones and increase the overall response time of your database. The MySQL Guardian checks all queries made on the server and forces the slowest ones to stop.

You thus avoid the too many connections error, which are common when your database connections are not closed correctly and pile up. Thanks to the activity logs per user, you can easily delete the errors in your code.

A fully configurable feature

The MySQL guardian allows you to define a delay for three types of settings:

  • The maximum sending delay of query results
  • The maximum delay of query execution
  • The maximum delay of inactive connections

Available directly via the Control Paneland you can modify them at any time.

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