Personal/Professional/Private SQL

The MySQL options let you create new databases with the Personal hosting packages. If you are looking for performance and freedom of configuration, the Private hosting packages let you create as many databases as you wish, and you can scale them on demand as your website grows.

To order new databases, log in to your Control Panel and go to the Hosting section.
You need an OVH shared web hosting package to benefit from the MySQL options.

Key advantages:

  • Servers are 100% managed by OVH
  • PhpMyAdmin to manage your databases
  • Back up your databases in your customer account

For your SQL database requirements, in addition to the services included with your web hosting package, you can also choose from a range of three SQL options:

Personal SQL
Add databases to your web hosting package
Professional SQL
Professional databases are included from the Professional plan upwards
Private SQL
One SQL instance dedicated to your use
Price per month from:
3.00 ex. VAT/month
Starting from the professional offer
6.00 ex. VAT/month
RAM Shared, with no guarantee From 256 MB to 2 GB
(scalable on demand)
Database Size 100 to 800 MB 2 to 4 GB Unlimited
Number of databases 1 to 50 1 Unlimited
Simultaneous connections per base 30 30 200
MySQL version Equivalent to that of your web hosting package 5.5/5.6/5.7
Backup On demand in the control panel On demand and automatic every 30 days
Options - - - Retrieve your logs,
- MySQL server settings (1)
More info More info More info More info

(1): autoCommit, innodbBufferPoolSize, maxAllowedPacket, maxConnections, tmpdir

How does RAM influence database performance?

Data can be preloaded into RAM so that it is more readily available than it would be if it were read from a hard drive. MySQL will then have more resources for running your SELECT queries by pre-loading your databases' indexes.


PhpMyAdmin (version 5) installed as standard:

The most popular interface for managing databases on a PHP server.

With phpMyAdmin, you can accept the formulation of SQL queries directly in SQL: you can test your query when creating a website and save valuable time!

Backup your data automatically

(available on Private SQL offers)

You can automate database backups in a just few clicks via the OVH Control Panel. You can also easily restore them in the event of a problem, and feel totally safe when running updates.

Simply activate the service directly via your manager

200 server connections/50 connections per user

Your SQL server SQL gives you 100 connections per server and a maximum of 50 connections per user.

Private SQL Guardian

Retrieve your Private MySQL logs

A query which takes too long to run could block other queries. This increases your database's global response time. Logs enable you to identify "Slow queries" so that you can optimise your tables and queries
This means you will avoid getting a "too many connections" error, which is common when connections to your database have not closed properly and start to accumulate.

Personal SQL

Number of Databases Database Size Simultaneous connections per base Price
5 100 MB 30 3.00 ex. VAT/month
20 100 MB 30 6.00 ex. VAT/month
50 100 MB 30 10.00 ex. VAT/month
5 200 MB 30 6.00 ex. VAT/month
20 200 MB 30 12.00 ex. VAT/month
50 200 MB 30 20.00 ex. VAT/month
1 400 MB 30 3 ex. VAT/month
2 400 MB 30 5 ex. VAT/month
5 400 MB 30 12 ex. VAT/month
1 800 MB 30 6 ex. VAT/month
2 800 MB 30 11 ex. VAT/month
5 800 MB 30 24 ex. VAT/month

Professional SQL

Packages available Number of databases in the package Size per database Simultaneous connections per base Price
Pro 1 2 GB 30 Included
Performance 1 1 GB 30 Included

Private SQL

Types available Database sizes Available versions SFTP access Backup Price
Server with 256 MB RAM Unlimited 5.5/5.6/5.7 5.99 ex. VAT/month
Server with 512 MB RAM Unlimited 5.5/5.6/5.7 9.99 ex. VAT/month
Server with 1 GB RAM Unlimited 5.5/5.6/5.7 19.99 ex. VAT/month
2 GB RAM server Unlimited 5.5/5.6/5.7 39.99 ex. VAT/month
Order your Private SQL