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Do you want to group all customer databases in the same SQL database, or have you got a successful blog and want to keep all comments? Or have you developed an SQL query-heavy application?

With our Professional offer with Pro SQL, you get a 2 GB SQL database with the simplicity of a web hosting package!

Packages available Number of databases in the package Size per database Simultaneous connections per database Price
Performance 1 1 GB 30 Included

To take advantage of our SQL Pro offer, please go to your Manager

Create your database with a personalised suffix

Ideal for organising your databases.

You can customise databases name: very useful when looking for a specific database

Backup your data automatically

From your Control Panel, you can automate database backups in a just few clicks! You can also easily restore them in the event of a problem. You can thus you can carry out updates with total peace of mind.

To do so, simply activate the service directly from your manager

Plan and automate actions on your database

With Crontab, you schedule the actions, which translate into automated backups of your website and databases at regular intervals.
As with the Windows task scheduler, you automate your updates and task executions by choosing the time, date and frequency.

Directly from your Manager, you will see if the tasks have been executed correctly.

In the event of the task being badly executed, you can retrieve the error messages so you can modify future tasks.

More information on Crontab.

phpMyAdmin version 5 installed on OVH servers by default:

The most popular interface for managing databases on a PHP server.

With phpMyAdmin, you can accept the formulation of SQL queries directly in SQL: you can test your query when creating a website and save valuable time!

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