Advanced features included with your Web Hosting plan

What technology is OVHcloud Web Hosting based on?

Our plans offer the technological features you need

PHP 7+

Speed up your website by using the latest versions of PHP7, which can make execution time twice as fast for your pages. Is your website not yet PHP7-ready? We offer several PHP versions.

More about PHP7PHP 7+


Want to manage several websites?
Add several websites on to your Web Hosting plan, and attribute a domain or sub-domain to each of them.

Find out more about the Multi-site featureMulti-site


Since 2011, we have delivered all OVHcloud Web Hosting plans with an IPv6.
We can guarantee that your websites will remain accessible, no matter what protocol or device is being used to access them.

More about IPv6IPv6


Want to manage your files directly on your server, and manage your database in the command line? You can do this with the SSH protocol.

More about SSH protocolSSH

Security features included with your Web Hosting plan


Anti-DDoS protection is included as a standard in all of our Web Hosting plans. Our anti-DDoS protection will provide you with round-the-clock protection against a very high number of exterior attacks, and will ensure that your website remains available.

More about anti-DDoS protectionAnti-DDoS


With our automatic backup service, you can restore your data for free in just a few clicks, if you make any mistakes manipulating it.

More about file restorationBackup


LXC (Linux Containers) technology ensures that your Web Hosting plan will remain isolated from others, and that it will not be affected if other plans experience any outages.


Also included in your Web Hosting plan

Job scheduler (Cron)

Automate system admin tasks to keep your website up-to-date, create periodic backups, and run custom scripts. You can do this all from the OVHcloud Control Panel.

More about scheduled jobsJob scheduler (Cron)

HTTPS (Let's Encrypt)

Your Web Hosting plan is delivered with a free SSL certificate (Let's Encrypt). Your website will be accessible in HTTPS (green padlock), it will have a higher SEO ranking, and it will be more secure for your visitors.

More about the Let's Encrypt SSL certificateHTTPS (Let's Encrypt)

Statistics and traffic monitoring

Track the number of visits to your websites. Get a full view of your traffic. Find out what regions your visitors are based in, and which pages are most visited. Monitor your data to identify your visitors and improve your site.

More about our performance analysis tool for your websiteStatistics and traffic monitoring