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WordPress is a blog engine maintained by Automattic.
Based on PHP technology, WordPress is an application equipped with powerful tools to increasingly facilitate the creation of your pages, such as spell-checking or a referencing management tool.

With automatic update, install the latest version of WordPress configured by OVH from your Control Panel.

Official website:
Installation guide: View set up guide
Install WordPress in 1 click for free on OVH Web Hosting
directly from your manager

Installation tools WordPress
Automatic installation on your hosting in OVH Yes
Multiple users management Yes
Tools for content management WordPress
Graphic editing of on-line pages (WYSIWYG) Yes
Tools for multimedia management (photos, videos, sound files...) Yes
Collection of themes for your site (skins) Yes
Spelling correction Yes
Site check Yes
CSS 3 / HTML 5 Yes
Sending media by Drag & Drop Yes
Community WordPress
Technical FAQ Yes
User forum Yes
Technical documentation Yes

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