Which web hosting plan should you choose?

OVH will help find the hosting plan that suits you best.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting providers, such as OVHcloud, host users’ websites on their own servers. This means your website can be viewed on the internet, without you needing to own and manage the infrastructure needed to run your website.

Two ways to host a website:

A pre-configured web server

Personal, Professional or Performance Web Hosting
(for beginners and experts)

Configuring your own server

With OVHcloud, you can host on a VPS or Public Cloud where you can configure your own spaces.

Whatever you choose, there are tech teams on hand 24/7 in each datacentre, ensuring your hardware is up and running around the clock. However, you manage software issues (e.g.: corrupted databases, hard drive saturation) and updates and software maintenance.

Start with a VPS if you want to manage your own server at a very affordable price. One powerful physical server contains multiple VPS and each customer shares the server's resources (for example: processor, RAM, disks). Of course, each customer's data is completely isolated.

As an advanced administrator, you will get guaranteed resources and make full use of the computing capacity and memory that has been allocated to you. If this is what you are looking for, then a server from the OVHcloud universe is the right solution for you.

Choosing a Web Hosting plan

Are you looking for a Web Hosting plan that doesn't require the same level of technical expertise needed for solutions in the cloud and VPS ranges? If this is the case, the OVHcloud Web Hosting range is the right answer for you. It's managed by a technical team, and doesn't require any technical expertise.

What is a Web Hosting plan?

As its name suggests, a Web Hosting plan is designed to host websites. These plans are built using servers which OVHcloud monitors 24/7. In terms of technical administration, no intervention is required. Even though all websites hosted on these plans use the same configuration, OVHcloud lets you customise certain technical aspects of your Web Hosting plan via the OVHcloud Control Panel. For example, you can select your website's PHP version.

OVHcloud Web Hosting plans are divided into two categories.

Shared Web Hosting

Since the computing resources are shared between all customers who have Web Hosting plans (Personal, Professional), you can host your website at an affordable cost. However, when a website uses an unusually high level of technical resources, it can lower the performance of websites hosted on the same cluster. To reduce this risk, OVHcloud technical teams have set up specific robots.

Web Hosting plans are distinct from one another in terms of their technical resources (e.g. disk space) and features (SSH access).

Performance Hosting Plans

Unlike Personal and Professional (see above), Performance Web Hosting plans provide you with guaranteed technical resources. Websites that are hosted using these plans have a constant level of performance within a set time frame, which will correspond to the level of guaranteed resources (and boosts) selected by the customer (Performance 1 to 4).

Which Web Hosting plan is right for you?

There are multiple factors to consider...

Is this your first website?

If you're looking to create your first website, start a family project or even create a photography blog, for example, the OVHcloud Personal plan is the right choice for you. You'll get access to 100GB of disk space and up to 10 email accounts, with 5GB of storage. In the OVHcloud Control Panel, the module feature will allow you to use one of four content management solutions included (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and PrestaShop).

Discover the advantages of a CMS in our guide.

Does your business rely on your website?

If your professional business is partially or fully reliant on your website functioning properly, the Performance plans are ideal for you. With their ability to resist traffic peaks without slowing down the loading speed of your website, these plans have a number of different features and options.

What kinds of traffic peaks does my website need to handle?

If your website receives a significant number of visitors, or if you upload large quantities of data (from your database, or an external API, for example) there is a high chance that your website will use a lot of technical resources. Consequently, to allow your visitors to browse the website smoothly and give them permanent access to it, OVHcloud can recommend a plan that is specially adapted for this: the Professional plan, or one of the four plans from the Performance range.

Do you need to host multiple different websites?

Each Personal or Professional plan lets you host multiple websites. For example, you can use them to build a main website, then create a subdomain for your blog, or create a temporary mini-website for an event.

If you're a freelancer, a web agency or a retailer, this is your opportunity to host products for your customers with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

Need SSH access?

SSH is a secure communication protocol that encrypts data exchanged between a website and an SSH client. SSH is only available for plans higher than Professional and Performance.

How much does it cost to host a website?

View the prices of our Web Hosting plans with a comparison table that includes each plan, and a list of its features. You can choose your Web Hosting plan and domain name in the first steps of your order.

Personal Professional Performance Cloud Web plan
(Recommended number of websites)
5 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Disk space 100                         GB 250                         GB 500                         GB 20                         GB
Resource - - 1 GB RAM 4 vCores
2 at 8 at
1 vCore 2.4GHz GB RAM 2 vCores 2.4GHz
2 at 8 at
Optimised for
Estimated number of concurrent connections
SSH access - multi-SSH - Included Included Included
Price 1.99 ex. VAT/month 4.99 ex. VAT/month


9.99 ex. VAT/month


9.99 ex. VAT/month

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Not sure which one to choose?

Don't worry, you can change your plan at any time from the OVHcloud Control Panel.