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Not feeling inspired? Explore our list of extensions for domain names.

Reserve the perfect domain name

A domain name is vital for your web users to visit your website easily. It is unique to you, and associated with your image, brand and business sector. Your domain name is free for the first year with our web hosting plans.

At OVHcloud, we offer a catalogue of more than 800 unique extensions, so you can build the perfect digital identity

Generic extensions

These are the most popular web extensions. They are adaptable to all kinds of websites, and are perfect for multilingual sites: e.g. .com and .org.

Local extensions

They are perfect for targeting a geographical region, and expanding your audience: .uk, .es, .it, .fr, .de, and many more.

Custom extensions

Boost your online presence with extensions that match your business: .shop, .pro, .games, .tech and many more.


Find the best hosting solution for your web projects

Once you have selected a domain name, you can choose to make your future website accessible using a website hosting service. Need advice on how to host a website? We offer a general overview of our solutions.

If you do not have any web development expertise, follow our tutorial to build a website in 5 steps.

Choose the best hosting plan for your needs

Creating a blog
Creating a business website
Creating an online store

Creating a blogMore info

Personal hosting

Get the very best price/performance ratio.

In just a few clicks: activate your WordPress content management system (perfect for blogs), customise your included domain name, and get started writing your blog.

What's included

  • Pre-installed WordPress CMS module included — build your first blog page in just a few minutes
  • Domain name included
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate (for HTTPS)

from: 1.99 ex. VAT/month

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Creating a business websiteMore info

Professional hosting

Build a website for your business with our range of CMS modules (WordPress, Drupal or Joomla!).

Get features and options to optimise your online presence, and be as close as possible to your customers.

What's included

  • An email service to get you started
  • A wide range of CMS modules (WordPress/Drupal/Joomla!)
  • Domain name included
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

from: 4.99 ex. VAT/month

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Creating an online storeMore info

Performance hosting

Host your e-commerce website, and start building your online store with the PrestaShop CMS included.

Get ready to receive your first orders!
This scalable solution includes a range of services, and will help you absorb traffic spikes during busy sales periods.

What's included

  • The CDN to boost performance for your webpages
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
  • The PrestaShop CMS module pre-installed
  • Domain name included
  • The Boost option to manage traffic spikes
  • 1 Private SQL database server

from: 9.99 ex. VAT/month

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Increase productivity with collaborative solutions

Chosen your domain name and hosting plan? Go a step further, and explore our range of tools to boost productivity.

Email solutions for enterprises

Check your mailbox at any time with OVHcloud Webmail — accessible via computer, tablet and smartphone.

Features: Calendars, account usage in offline mode, SSL certificates, and more.

from: 1.99 ex. VAT/month

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Collaborative Microsoft solutions

Microsoft collaborative solutions to store and share your documents online

Equip your team with tools to boost your company's productivity, like Office 365. The Office suite includes all the major software you need: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Features: Editing, secure document backup, and document sharing.

from: 4.99 ex. VAT/month/account

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We use green technology to limit our environmental impact

Our robust infrastructure is being developed constantly, and our web solutions are scalable — so that you can adapt them to suit all your web projects as they grow.

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