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Want to create a website or web application? Whether you're just starting out, an enthusiast, a webmaster, developer or web agency, as the no.1 web hosting provider in Europe, we will give you the best solutions you need for your web hosting projects — and at a highly competitive price, too.

Find your domain name

A domain name makes it easy for your website visitors to find you online. It is unique, and is associated with your image, brand, or business.

At OVH, we offer a range of more than 800 unique extensions:

Generic extensions:

The most popular extensions on the internet, perfect for websites available in a range of languages: .com/.org

Local extensions:

Reserve these domains to create country-targeted websites: .fr/.es/.it/.pl/.de

Customised extensions:

Get creative, and choose a memorable domain that fits your industry: .shop/.sarl/.games

The advantages of registering your domain name with OVH:

Anycast DNS

The Anycast DNS system means that the server nearest to your user’s location will load your website, improving load times.

WHOIS Privacy

OVH provides an OWO email account that replaces your personal email address in WHOIS, to protect your privacy whilst ensuring that you stay reachable.

Email address

1 email address linked to your domain:

Get your perfect domain name

No idea what extension to pick? See our domain names

The best web hosting provider for your websites

Once you’ve got your domain, you need server space to host your website on. A web hosting plan is a low-cost solution that will ensure your website is always accessible.

If you don't have any web development skills, follow our tutorial to create a website in 5 steps. You can install a CMS (content management system) as part of your web hosting plan to manage your website easily. 4 modules are available to install from the OVH Control Panel:
WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal and Joomla!

The advantages of OVH web hosting:

  • Free domain name (for the first year)
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate
  • High availability and unlimited traffic
  • Your solution is managed 24/7
  • SQL databases included
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • PHP 7 and optimised configuration
  • Preinstalled CMS

Choose your web hosting plan with several factors in mind, including: storage capacity (up to 500 GB), the expected number of concurrent website visits, and SQL database volume.

Explore our comparison page for the most popular CMS applications.

Host your data with the no.1 web hosting provider in Europe!

Manage several websites easily with Plesk web hosting

Plesk uses a simple interface that allows users to manage several websites, databases and email accounts, without needing any web development skills. For example, if you host your customers' websites, you can give them exclusive access to their projects.

You will get increased performance in comparison to standard web hosting plans:
up to 8 vCores, 30 GB RAM and 800 GB disk space.
For this, every customer gets a VPS (virtual private server) managed by OVH.

Test out the interface, and find out more about the plan on our Plesk web hosting page

Secure your website with an SSL certificate

With an SSL certificate, your visitors will know that their connection to your website is secure. All of our web hosting plans include a free Let’s Encrypt certificate, so you can make your website accessible via HTTPS protocol.

For even more security, Sectigo EV certificates show visitors that your website is managed by a legitimate organisation. Your visitors will be able to see this because Sectigo will appear in the address bar as the certificate authority, along with a green padlock. Offer your customers this reassurance for your professional/e-commerce website.

The advantages of SSL with OVH:

  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate included and installed on all web hosting plans
  • Domain verification
  • Compatibility with 99.9% of browsers

See our full range of SSL certificates

Make your website accessible worldwide with the CDN

The CDN acts as a bridge between your web hosting plan and your users, accelerating your website's performance globally, without modifying the source code. It caches content and distributes it to your users, wherever they are based in the world.
Make sure your site loads fast in the regions you want to target!

The advantages of the OVH CDN:

  • 14 Points of Presence across the globe
  • Anycast dedicated IP address
  • Improved organic SEO

Improve performance for your webpages with the CDN

Coming soon

Email addresses linked to your domain name

Once your domain name has been reserved, use email addresses that are unique to your business name (e.g. Stay permanently connected to your inbox via OVH Webmail, which can be accessed from your computer, your tablet or your smartphone.

The Exchange 2016 email solution is also available with a minimum storage space of 50 GB. Get calendar sharing, folder sharing and email synchronisation on all of your devices.

The advantages of OVH emails:

  • OVH Mail Migrator service: migrate all of your external services to OVH for free
  • 99.99% email account availability
  • Anti-virus/Anti-spam service included
  • Hosted in Europe

See our full range of professional email solutions

Collaborative solutions to improve your productivity

Get tools such as Microsoft Office 365, and improve your company's productivity. The Microsoft Office suite includes all the most popular software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This Office 365 version allows you to edit and back up documents from anywhere, with total security. Share all of your projects with your colleagues in just a few clicks!

The advantages of Office 365:

  • Solutions hosted in OVH datacentres in France
  • Microsoft Office software installed locally
  • Monthly or annual payment
  • Edit your documents on all devices: computers, tablets and smartphones

Try out our Collaborative Microsoft solutions (30 days free on Microsoft Office suite).

Why choose OVH web hosting?

As the first European web hosting provider with more than 18 million applications hosted on its network, OVH offers solutions that guarantee maximum security, and total freedom to configure your services in a way that suits your needs. We are constantly innovating our top-quality infrastructure, and our web solutions are scalable, so you can adapt your services to suit your project and web hosting plan.